Hemp Bamboo 340gsm Fleece Hoodie

Introducing the Hemp Bamboo 340GSM Fleece Hoodie

As the Product Manager of our eco-friendly, sustainable clothing factory,

I am thrilled to present our newest addition: the Hemp Bamboo 340GSM Fleece Hoodie.

Perfect for brands and manufacturers dedicated to high-quality, environmentally

conscious fashion, this hoodie is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and style.

Customizable for Your Brand:

With a minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces, our Hemp Bamboo Fleece Hoodie

is ideal for brands looking to expand their sustainable product line.

Customize the hoodie to reflect your unique brand identity and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Elevate Your Brand with Sustainable Fashion

Join the movement towards sustainable fashion with our Hemp Bamboo Fleece Hoodie.

This product not only offers style and comfort but also aligns with the growing demand for

eco-friendly apparel. By adding this hoodie to your collection, you are showcasing your

commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Order Now

Ready to make a positive impact with every piece? Contact us today to inquire about

pricing and customization options. Place your order with a minimum quantity of 100

pieces and elevate your brand with our Hemp Bamboo Fleece Hoodie. Don’t miss the

opportunity to attract eco-conscious customers with a product that embodies the best of sustainable fashion.

Get in touch now to learn more and start your order. Together, let’s make a difference in the world of fashion.

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52% Hemp,43% Bamboo,5% Spandex

Fabric Type


Fabric Weight


Printing mode

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Sample Price


Bulk order price


Sample production process

Technician deisgn the digital templates

1.Technician deisgn the digital templates

Technician deisgn the digital templates

2.Printing the paper templates

Technician deisgn the digital templates

3.Technician deisgn the digital templates

Sample plate

4.Sample plate

Cutting the fabric pieces by the paper templates.

5.Cutting the fabric pieces by the paper templates.

Sewing sample

6.Sewing sample

Sample finished!

7.Sample finished!

.Ironing samples

8.Ironing samples

Inspection sample size

9.Inspection sample size


We source externally any type of fabrics and offer you different options
or You source the fabric you want and you/we order

Natural fabrics are made of animal or plant-based fibres All natural fabrics have sustainable options : organic, recycled or upcycled


We specialize in small quantity and low MOQ children clothing production. It is possible for you to economically produce quantities from about 50 pieces. The only limiting factor is the materials that we have to order; in some cases, it’s possible to make even less when you use standard fabric. We understand the needs of startups, small and medium sized business as your organic kids clothing manufacturer.

It usually takes around 2 days once we have all information about your baby clothing design idea and could ask a few questions if necessary. Our customer service team will contact you as soon as you sign up. As mentioned before, the tech pack is the basic design and specification file that contains all instructions that the kidswear manufacturer needs. The cost estimate is for you to get a realistic idea about how to plan the financials of your projects from early on.

Our clothing factories specialized in any type of children clothing are located in China. The organic fabric kids and baby clothing manufacturer location depends on your individual project (such as type like baby sleeping bag, romper, pajamas,hoodies etc.) and aspects such as quantity, price point and material needs. We can gladly go over the options for your custom children clothing project and decide on the best option. Often it makes sense to produce in Asia, because supply chains are short and the minimums are quite low.

We offer any type of fabrics for infants, babies, kids or teenager clothing products. From organic cotton and bamboo fabric to other natural blends as well as polyester fabrics based made from recycled fibers, you can use the fabric you need. Sustainable, non-toxic, and certified material are particularly important for baby and infant clothing manufacturing. All our sustainable fabric options are exclusively sourced from certified material suppliers. All our clothing manufacturing solutions allow this flexibility.

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